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John Elkann Elkann was picked for the Fiat board at age 21 by his grandfather Gianni Agnelli, the dapper industrialist who built the company into a global powerhouse. Chris Weideman This Stanford Law grad was tapped in April to become newly installed Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s right-hand man, just in time to help navigate the department rattling IRS scandal. 4 billion case for building out fiber broadband to 19 million U. Despite all the hype, Silbermann has taken his time making money on the digital-scrapbook platform. You’ve probably never heard of his top holdingsā€”companies like Berry Petroleum and j2 Global. Travis Kalanick City dwellers don’t have to flail their arms to hail a taxi thanks to Kalanick and co-founder Garrett Camp.

Morgan Chase’s consumer-banking division, overseeing 76,000 employees and becoming the youngest member of the megabank’s executive committee. Ross Martin This cerebral, sneaker-collecting poetry major became Viacom’s brand innovator for the MTV generation. Ashish Thakkar He survived the Rwandan genocide, dropped out of school, and lived out of a suitcase selling computers in Uganda at age 15. Will Adams Yes, the guy you know as will. Black Eyed Peas, but Adams has established himself as a go-to social and technology consultant big brands trust. Six years after a scramble to see a doctor gave him the idea, more than 2. 5Ā million people use Massoumi’s medical appointment booking service.