Demi — who’s worth a lot more than Ashton — wants, among other things, a piece of A-Grade A grade investments email, a company Ashton founded with mogul Ron Burkle. But we’ve learned Ashton’s willing to let Demi and her lawyers look at the financial records of A-Grade, but only if she signs a confidentiality agreement.

She signed it, and it’s now been filed with the court. Short story — the money fight continues. HERE’S THE RUNDOWN Cardi B Celebrates Goin’ Gold! Find out when TMZ Live is on near you! Tristan Thompson’s getting away from what’s gotta be a very tense spot for him — Khloe Kardashian’s hospital room, hours after she gave birth to their baby girl. Mel B-ikini in Desert Hot Springs — Scary Hot!

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Subscribe to Russell Investments blog Receive blog posts to your inbox. Stay up to date and subscribe now. May we recommend that you instead come back to that neat home page or another page on natalien. The retail, commercial and customer parking at 2101 Capitol will take up the first floor. The remaining five floors will provide parking for 2020 L Street tenants and guests. 150,000 SF office building in the heart of the Midtown district of Sacramento, CA and within walking distance to the State Capital, Central Business District, and numerous restaurants and entertainment venues.

Located in the City of Elk Grove, west of Highway 99, south of Elk Grove Boulevard and east of Bruceville Road. Laguna Springs Corporate center has 5 buildings and 315,000 square feet of office space. Over 400,000 USF of retail development at Laguna Blvd and Highway 99 in Elk Grove, CA. This freeway project has strong synergy and tenant activity. The location is considered the hub of the Laguna region.

Major credit anchors drive considerable traffic through the center. Over 600 Acres of residential land available for sale in the Greater Sacramento Area. A 12,000 SF office building in Gold River, CA. Prominent building located on the hard corner of Sunrise Boulevard and Gold Express Drive. Sunrise Boulevard is one of he main commercial arterials in the Sacramento region. One of few buildings along Sunrise Boulevard at grade level. Excellent visibility and signage opportunity on both streets.