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Please note you are leaving Candid Money, a financial guidance site not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, to go to Candid Financial Advice, a financial adviser that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. However, unlike saving, investing normally means taking some risk, i. In general, the more money you stand to make from an investment the more you could also lose. If you can lose money then why bother? Well, more often than not, if you hold some sensible investments for long enough they’ll make you more money overall than you’d get in a savings account.

The key is how long you’ll have to hold them for and how much of a roller coaster ride they’ll give you along the way. The degree to which an investment fluctuates in value over time is called ‘volatility’, while the extent to which the value of two different investments tends to move in the same direction at the time is called ‘correlation’. Both volatility and correlation are key to many arguments on how to successfully invest. Volatility is a statistical measure of the rate at which an investment moves up and down over time. If an investment changes rapidly in value over a short period of time it has high volatility, whereas an investment that hardly ever changes in price has low volatility.