Please forward this error screen to 162. For business executives and Culture enthusiasts alike, Southwest Airlines has attained an chief investment strategist job description status that is almost unparalleled. HB: Cheryl, this is a real pleasure and I appreciate you taking the time to talk Culture.

With Culture becoming such a key management topic, you must be inundated with these calls. We believe we have something special here and are proud to demonstrate the heart that makes us Southwest. We try to share our story with those who are genuinely interested when we can. Can you talk to me about the transformation that Southwest, or your sector, is going through right now and the direct impacts that’s having on your people and your Culture? CH: Transformation isn’t really a phrase we use. We prefer Evolution because that’s more aligned with how we think and operate. We’ve been on our journey for 47 years and now have almost 60,000 employees but we’ve always been about being nimble, being customer and Employee focused and being swift and decisive to keep us competitive.