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Some Emiratis are apprehensive about it, and some residents aspire for it. The possibility of naturalising certain long-term UAE residents is not without its sceptics and advocates. For instance, living in Saudi Arabia for a decade gives the applicant 10 points, a Bachelors degree equates to five points while a Masters degree counts for eight points. Thereafter an application for citizenship can be filed.

The list of prominent UAE citizens who were foreign-born is a testament to the role that such individuals played in the formation of the country’s success side by side with their Emirati born compatriots. This list includes diplomats, doctors, advisers to the rulers, businessmen and academics. My grandfather has been one of the pioneers in contributing to thegrowth of the UAE. At the age of 16 in 1950 he arrived in the UAE andstill lives here at the age of 80. I am sure he is very much eligible toget a citizenship. I was born and brought up here in Dubai and rarely goes to my homecountry. If it is not easy to give nationalities to expats like me, theother option can be only the enjoyment of benefits.