With The Hideaways Club I have a wide variety of beautiful properties in stunning locations that I can use year round, plus the potential growth of my investment. I already have classic car investment fund will continue to enjoy the variety of choice the Club offers.

Classic Collection Member and Ambassador since 2009. Shared ownership takes away all the hassle and expense of owning your own property, whilst giving you exceptional and consistent quality every time. Be part of an exclusive private club shared with limited membership and like-minded individuals. Our Concierge Service meticulously plans all of your holiday administration, from airport transfers and car hire to restaurants and hard-to-find experiences. With the exacting standards of our Members always in mind, our luxurious properties are painstakingly designed and fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. We take care of everything that you might want or need, from preparing your property in accordance with your particular specifications to organising all of your travel arrangements, for your whole party. The Concierge Service is what really sets us apart and ensures you receive that all-important attention to detail – from arranging a special table in a restaurant that is booked out months in advance, to sourcing the experience of a lifetime.