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In 2008, based on a growing body of research to support the economic opportunity of investing in women, Goldman Sachs launched 10,000 Women to provide women entrepreneurs around the world with business management education, mentoring and networking, and access to capital. Goldman Sachs and IFC created the first-ever loan facility for women-owned small-and-medium enterprises to enable 100,000 women around the world to access capital. Two years later, this public-private partnership, spurred by private sector innovation, has catalyzed new investments from both the public and private sectors and reached more than 30,000 women in 17 countries. A joint partnership was announced in March 2014 to create The Women Entrepreneurs Opportunity Facility, the first-ever global finance facility dedicated exclusively to women-owned small and medium-sized enterprises to enable approximately 100,000 women to access capital. Noa Meyer, global head of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program, describes the firm’s partnership with the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank to create the first-ever global finance facility for women-owned small and medium-sized enterprises. 100 Million to Enable 100,000 Women to Access Capital. IFC Facility has made commitments to banks, in 17 countries to expand lending to women entrepreneurs.

125 million financing package that will help the bank enhance its support for local enterprises and boost international trade opportunities. 55 million loan to Banco Pichincha, a bank that strives to sharply boost its lending to women entrepreneurs. 50 million loan to YES BANK, India’s 5th largest private sector bank, to be used exclusively to lend to women-owned businesses. It was launched by IFC, through its Banking on Women program, and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women in 2014. The financing will be carried out in partnership with the Goldman Sachs Foundation’s 10,000 Women initiative. READ THE PRESS RELEASE ON OPIC. 50 million to ACLEDA Bank to boost lending to small and medium enterprises, of which at least half will support women-owned enterprises.

READ THE PRESS RELEASE ON IFC. 105 million loan to the Co-operative Bank of Kenya to support lending to small and medium businesses, women entrepreneurs and the housing sector. Through IFC’s Banking on Women program, this project is supported by the Women Entrepreneurs Opportunity Facility. In partnership with IFC and the 10,000 Women initiative by Goldman Sachs, Chase Bank received a credit line through the Women Entrepreneurs Opportunity Facility to disburse 2. READ THE PRESS RELEASE ON CHASEBANKKENYA. Ant Financial’s microcredit arm Ant Credit a senior loan of RMB500 million. The financing is being used for Ant Credit to expand its lending to women entrepreneurs who often face difficulties in obtaining loans in China.

See how she has increased her business after participating in the 10,000 Women program. Which countries allow Dual Citizenship and which don’t? Obtaining a second citizenship is an important step in internationalizing your life so that no one country can control your freedom or your wealth. And, here at Nomad Capitalist, we help people like you do just that. But having a second passport isn’t ideal if you have to relinquish your original citizenship in order to get it. That’s just trading one passport for another. In some cases, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it all depends on which country you’re trading up to.

While more and more countries are allowing dual citizenship, several dual citizenship countries are beginning to crack down on their citizens with multiple nationalities. And, of course, there are countries where dual citizenship is strictly forbidden. This list is updated for 2016 and takes into account several European countries which are taking on the prevailing trend of more liberal policies toward people holding multiple citizenships. Here is a list of countries that allow dual citizenship, as well as the countries that don’t. Countries with an asterisk allow dual citizenship under select conditions only.

Despite being ranked as the worst place on earth to be a child, Angola does not impose any restrictions on dual citizenship. The Australian government allows it’s citizens to have more than one nationality. In fact, they can have citizenship in two or more countries as far as they’re concerned. This applies to those who obtain another nationality automatically, such as through marriage or through a residency or anoother application process. Barbados not only allows Barbadian citizens to maintain a second nationality, they actually encourage those living overseas to keep this potential benefit in mind.

In case you have the urge to become a naturalized citizen of this South Asian nation, be careful not to be sentenced to a long prison term or incur a criminal fine within five years of your new citizenship. Doing so could void your naturalization. Otherwise, Bangladeshi citizens will not lose their citizenship for any other reason, including when obtaining another nationality. Belgium used to be one of the easiest and best countries in which to obtain a second citizenship. In fact, it was possible to become a Belgian citizen in as quickly as three years if you established ties in the country and kept your nose clean.

While it now takes five years at a bare minimum — and as many as nine — to become naturalized in Belgium, the good news it that existing Belgian citizens are eligible to hold dual citizenship as of 2008. Ethnic Bulgarians are entitled to maintain multiple nationalities without having to give up their Bulgarian passport. Those that did relinquish citizenship in the past may be able to get it back. However, those being naturalized as Bulgarians must renounce other nationalities upon becoming citizens. Canada is one of the more interesting case studies regarding dual citizenship. Canada seems to encourage its citizens to utilize their status of dual nationality, and certainly allows it.