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It has been my intention to update glowchart. I’ve been unable to do so. The death knight class has its own special weapon enchanting ability called Runeforging, which replaces the need for conventional weapon enchants. Although quite a few non-enchanted items have their own, dedicated glow, as of the current patch only enchanted weapons give off a glow you have control over. Fiery is more reddish than Demonslaying which should be orange. This is incorrect and a common misconception. Having compared the two on numerous different weapons, they are in fact the exact same glow.

This guide is stupid it’s the bonus that matters not the glow. I find this an amusing comment that I get ALL the time gotta love hate mail. The funny thing is that I couldn’t agree with you more. However, if you’ve leveled enchanting then you’ve been asked what color an enchant glows at least once.

This guide was created so enchanters could have a reference for the players who ask that very question. I think the answer to those that don’t understand why people care about the glow is that many players do indeed care about what their character looks like. What quality of weapon should I enchant? Blue and better quality items will glow and most greens will as well. Gray quality weapons will NOT hold a glow. You will also run into weapons that carry their own glow and may or may not be able to carry the enchanted effect in addition or in replacement of the default glow.

I thought there were low-level weapon enchants that didn’t glow? That was certainly the case until Cataclysm, which added faint glows to the low-level enchants. So how long did this guide take to create? As a web developer by trade, I coined the term “glow chart” and created glowchart. I converted the site to a guide on wowhead nearly six years later in August 2011.