Our researchers look for what they think are some of the better resources available to assist you in administering your plan or helping your clients. Each item in a category contains a summary and date of when fidelity 401k investment advice was placed in the group. We also maintain some older material in these collections for perspective and context.

The Daily News Digest is where we aggregate, from over 500 sources, the latest published material on 401k trends, fiduciary issues, legislative action, court cases, opinion, rule changes, insights, white papers, surveys, studies, commentary and more. There is a great deal of research published around defined contribution plans and related issues. We index much of it here. These are general news and articles around fiduciary issues. Calculators, charts, samples, directories and other resources to help you run and manage your plan or practice. Time is one of the most important factors when it comes to building up your retirement fund. Freelancers and independent contractors have some of the same retirement plan options as small business owners.

If you are one of the millions of freelancers, entrepreneurs, workers with a side gig—or an employee with no workplace retirement plan—you can still save for retirement. As long as you have some earnings, you have some tax-advantaged saving options. You’ve probably heard of IRAs, short for Individual Retirement Accounts. If not, or you’re not sure how they work, here are the basics. An IRA is a type of retirement savings account that comes with some nice tax benefits, including tax-advantaged compounding. Other tax breaks depend on the type of IRA you choose—there are two basic types: a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA. Alimony is also considered income for IRA contribution purposes.