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1031 Exchange Services to defer Capital Gains Tax. To be eligible to be part of a 1031 Exchange both the relinquished and replacement property must be U. For example, any real estate in the U. Property purchased or held for resale. Construction for resale or Fix n’ Flips.

All real property is like-kind with all other real property. Like-kind refers to how the property is held by the investor, not the type or character of property. Residential relinquished property for commercial replacement property. Bank building as relinquished property for swamp land as replacement property. Bare land as relinquished property for residential rental as replacement property. Fee simple interest in your relinquished property for 30-year leasehold in your replacement property.

Single family rental as relinquished property for multi-family rental as replacement property. Non-income producing relinquished property for income producing replacement property. Rental house at the river relinquished property for a medical office in which the exchanger intends to practice as replacement property. If the Exchanger is exchanging personal property the rules are far more restrictive. Definitions of what is considered real property and personal property can vary from state to state. It is essential to consult with a tax advisor when structuring personal property exchanges because one transaction may have multiple exchanges, involving tax deferral on both the personal and real property.

Cement truck for a cement truck. Cotton candy equipment for cotton candy equipment. Not allowed are transfers of certain property inventory or other property held primarily for sale, such as subdivided lots held for sale, and interests in partnerships or real estate investment trusts. The Exchanger must have held the relinquished property for investment or for productive use in their trade or business and intend to do the same with the replacement property. A vacation home may qualify, if you’ve rented it out and have used it less that 14 days last year. While no formal rule exists, your exchange could be challenged if you sell the replacement property shortly after the exchange. No specific time frame is defined, but many CPAs say you should hold replacement property for a year.

In order to defer all the capital gains taxes, You must buy 1031 replacement property of equal or greater value, with equal or greater debt, unless you bring in cash equal to the debt being paid off pertaining to the relinquished property. Both the value and net equity of the taxpayer’s replacement property must equal or be greater than the value and net equity of the relinquished property at the time of the exchange. Start with the price you paid for your property, add any capital improvements, and subtract any depreciation. This figure is your adjusted basis. Subtract the adjusted basis and the new costs of sale from the new sales price and the remaining figure is your gain.

If the value of the replacement property is less or the net equity is less, you would be taxed on the greater of the trade down in value or equity, limited to the gain you would have recognized if the property simply had been sold for its fair market value. For real property assets, basis is the term given to the price that was originally paid for the property, plus any capital improvements, less depreciation. Do not confuse capital gain with equity. The two terms cannot be compared with each other. Equity is the amount of money you have left over after you have sold the property and paid off all related liabilities and mortgages. The catalyst which transforms the ordinary purchase and sale of property into an exchange, the Qualified Intermediary is a crucial component of a valid and successful 1031 Exchange. Coordinates with the exchangers and their advisors, to structure a successful exchange.