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Can I transfer some cash in my existing stocks and shares Isa to open another through a robo-adviser and invest in both at the same time? Will you be a tax winner or loser this year? Ethical or green funds have earned a terrible reputation. Performance on some of them has been diabolical as savers have missed out on some of the stellar returns from companies which the funds aren’t allowed to invest in, such as tobacco stocks and banks. Its forced investors to make a choice: have a decent return or a clean conscience. But in recent years the performance on some ethical investments has driven buyers into a rethink, to such an extent that a recent analysis by TD Direct Investing discovered that of the of 25 best-performing British funds over the past five years, three were ethical.

But now these people are businessmen, meaning firms and investors are making more money. Ethical funds were introduced in the 1980s to allow those with religious beliefs to invest their money without worrying it was being put into ‘sin stocks’ such as alcohol, tobacco, pornography or weapons. While some still adopt this approach, others will happily invest in, say, oil companies if they can demonstrate they have a good record on the environment or human rights. Experts suggest this could be because investors believe the returns will be lower if they rule out big multi-national corporations. Mike Fox, the fund’s manager, says: ‘We’re really looking for businesses that have good environmental, social and governance policies. One of its stock picks is property developer St Modwen, which redevelops run-down urban areas. 450million, 65-acre campus for Swansea University on disused BP sites.