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Now is a great time to look into some of the hot penny stocks lists to buy into the market before their prices start increasing. Did you know that as of 2014 according to Forbes, eight out of nine top successful penny stocks were from the biotech and medical industries? Please check out our selection of pharmaceutical penny stocks to watch below. This is a company heavily involved in the research phase and development of PBT2 drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease that currently has no cure. Like with all pharmaceuticial penny stocks, depending on the research and whether the drug is going to take off, it is purely a bet whether PBT2 will actually enter the market.

This is a company that has developed a weight loss solution medicine Contrave. If the drug reaches FDA approval, the company could end up among penny stock success stories to tell. This is one of the best penny stocks to buy right now because it is working on manufacturing brachytherapy seeds necessary for the treatment of a wide array of cancers including prostate, lung, pelvic, colorectal, etc. 5 per share by the end of the year.

The company is involved in the production and development of several drugs for weight loss, attention span disorders and narcolepsy. The stocks are trading at an average volume of 800K over the last 30 days. Currently traded on NASDAQ this small cap pharmaceutical company specializes on the development of several drugs targeting central nervous system, specifically to treat nervous disorders, addictions and epilepsy. Another focus is participating in the stage III for developing a drug to help people with rare autoimmune disorders affecting their muscles and central nervous system.