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From Isas to higher-rate bonds and select current accounts, how you can beat the new 1. Pensioner Bonds last January there was pandemonium. I website crashed and the phone lines were engaged solidly for 24 hours. Now, the one-year bond has matured. Anyone who hasn’t moved their money will be earning 1. 45 per cent – a steep drop from the original market-leading 2.

So, what should you do with your cash? In order to beat the initial rate you were getting you’ll have to think outside the box, but it is easy to beat the 1. 45 per cent you’ll be getting now. Open an ISAJust because you are over 65 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider your tax liability. 10,600 this year you would have paid income tax on your savings interest, which could make a serious dent on your returns. Opt for an Isa and any interest you earn is tax-free. The best one-year ISA pays 1.

65 per cent from Virgin Money. 11,000 a new Savings Allowance is being introduced. 91 per cent from Paragon Bank for a one-year bond. At the moment you could get marginally more money by going for a notice account instead.