How to Plan a Home Purchase? Why not investment bonds australia comparison use credit card?

How to Stop Overspending of money? Indian government promotes investment in India from abroad. RBI want NRI’s to invest in India. Lots of NRI investment options are available that supports this cause.

Indian nationals who are residing in USA, Europe, Australia etc like to invest in India. They get advantage of weaker Indian rupee compared to the currency of their residing nation. To take advantage of this inclination of NRI’s, Indian government provides favorable NRI investment options to encourage investment in India. The potential of FDI that can be brought in India through NRI’s are huge.

There are NRI in USA, Europe, Australia who are very successful. Providing NRI facilities to these NRI’s can bring lots of investment and foreign exchange in India. NRI’s are free to buy different investment options in India. But the amount of profit that they can transfer back to their residing nation is controlled. In non-repatriation basis profits cannot be back to their foreign country. Repatriation rules are different for different investment options.

Before NRIs invests in India they must make sure that they are aware of repatriation rules. Its is essential for NRI to open a bank account in India before investing. Joint Account with Resident Indian Possible? Income generated in India can be kept? Income Tax on Interest Generated on Deposits?

What happens when NRI comes back and settles down permanently in India? These securities issued by government of India. Dated government securities are good for medium to long term holding periods. The interest that bears on these securities can be either fixed or floating. It easy for NRI to buy government securities in India.

FCNR accounts from your foreign bank account. On basis of simple advicce from NRI, banks can buy and sell government securities on behalf of NRI. The same banks will also credit interest earned on these governemt securities in NRI account. Here suitable investment horizon is 1 year. T-Bills are issued by government India from center.