Karlin Real Investment grade real estate is an investment firm targeting opportunistic acquisitions and financing of commercial, hospitality and multi-family properties across the United States. Karlin Real Estate, LLC in 2009 and serves as Chief Executive Officer, as well as Chief Investment Officer of Karlin Asset Management, Inc.

David has more than 25 years of principal investing experience in public and private securities, real estate, and private equity. He spent nearly a decade in senior executive positions with one of the largest private companies in the nation. David holds multiple degrees, including an MPhil from Cambridge University, as well as a B. Engineering from Boston University, summa cum laude. He also completed graduate work at Sydney University as a Rotary Foundation Scholar. David serves in executive leadership roles or board positions with a variety of non-profit organizations in the areas of education, public policy, medical research and animal welfare. He is also a frequent speaker and thought leader on distressed investing, risk management, asset allocation and contrarian thinking.

Since founding Karlin Real Estate in 2008, Matthew Schwab has overseen over a billion dollars in acquisitions and financings of real estate across the United States and Europe. CFO for Karlin Real Estate, where she has applied her expertise in partnership accounting and structuring to manage the formation of the Karlin investment entities. Before joining AGSK in 2002, Ms. Joe Self joined Karlin Real Estate in 2010 and is a Senior Advisor in his current role. Previously Joe was Managing Director and Head of Europe in London where he helped establish and successfully grew Karlin’s European real estate platform and presence.