Just a quick note of appreciation to tell you how much I have benefited from IFRSBox. I needed an understanding of the revised standards relating to financial instruments and the provisions of IFRS 15. If I had tried going through the standards on my investment property vs ppe I would probably still be floundering. Thank you for a great job.

I would like to say thank you to Silvia for her support when preparing for the Dip IFR exam. The IFRS Kit has saved me a lot of time and money. It was my primary source of information when studying for the exam. The tool is very well structured and contains comprehensive material. Videos were great to summarize what I have learnt so far. I enjoyed examples to connect theory with practice.

I can’t thank you enough for the IFRS kit! It’s the first time someone teaches me IFRS the way it is actually done in practice! The case studies in excel are just great. I initially needed only a consolidation refresher but I got so excited that I will follow the entire course and I will aim to pass dipIFR sometime in the near future.

After over 10 years of work in the public sector my accounting knowledge became obsolete. Silvia’s training gave me all the answers I needed and let me get to the bottom of things with minimum effort. Soon I found the job I was looking for and joined an IFRS 9 project team in multinational bank. I would like to give my thanks to Silvia and her team at IFRSbox for simplifying IFRS and providing comprehensive examples that made it possible for me to update and refresh my knowledge.

The icing on the cake was that I appeared in the ACCA Diploma in IFRS exam recently and cleared it in the first attempt. This site had provided me with all the tools that I needed to ensure that I had a successful run at the examinations and my success is owed to IFRSbox. I just started working on learning the materials in the IFRS Kit but I have already found that it cleared so many confusions and it taught me so many new concepts. Thank Silvia for working out such wonderful materials and I would never thank you enough for this! I’m a subscriber since August 2014. Today I can firmly state that my journey to IFRS commenced with ifrsbox.

Invitation of various IFRS guest specialists makes ifrsbox. I passed my CPA board exam in Philippines with the help of IFRS Kit! 013: How to account for rentals depending on inflation and future sales? Show notes IFRS Question 013: How to account for variable lease payments? 012: How to account for barter transactions? Show notes   IFRS Question 012: How to account for barter transactions?

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