Please forward this error screen to 72. How Does investment tax credit canada Mineral Exploration Tax Credit Work? Investors can apply it against the federal income tax that would otherwise be payable for the taxation year in which the investment was made.

The credit can be carried back 3 years and carried forward 20 years. Taxpayers in provinces or territories that provide additional exploration incentives may combine them with the METC, but using any tax credit offered by the provinces or territories reduces the amount of expenses that are eligible for the METC and the amount of deductible CEE. Corporate Responsibilities The METC is only available for expenses related to exploration carried out from or above the surface of the earth. However, a corporation may also incur expenses that qualify only for the CEE deduction.

Benefits of Investing in the METC Because the federal investment incentive is delivered in the form of a tax credit, it is the same for all individual investors regardless of their marginal federal income tax rates. 1,000 investment in flow-through shares for the province or territory where the taxpayer resides, taking into account the top marginal tax rate of the taxpayer for the 2017 tax year. Please forward this error screen to 45. Have you ever tried to get details on residential investment property mortgages?

Let me tell you, it’s a real adventure. Your local Canadian bank branch usually doesn’t have a clue and ends up scaring you off from doing any residential real estate investing all together. There are some excellent people in bank branches, you just need to find them. Basically, bank branches aren’t set up to deal with the questions investors have and they work on residential investment property mortgages so infrequently they usually don’t know the details. An experienced mortgage broker will usually serve you better in this area.

Some banks don’t deal with mortgage brokers. BMO isn’t using them right now and RBC has their own team of mobile mortgage representatives. I have experience with the Royal Bank ones and they have proven to be very good. One thing to note that when you are dealing with a bank directly you are limited to the mortgage products that they offer and sometimes you won’t even know other, better suited, options are available to you. If your bank is not offering the program they may not even tell you that this exists elsewhere. So if you are using BMO or RBC directly, or for that matter, if you are using any bank directly for your mortgage, it’s smart to check in with an experienced mortgage broker as well.

That way you’ve covered almost all options available to you. We’ll discuss this in more detail in a future article. Know thisthey are constantly changing and there are new mortgages for investment properties coming available almost monthly! So again, an experienced mortgage broker is likely your best answer.

When buying an investment property you are likely looking to put as little down as possible to gain maximum leverage. ASIDE: Now, be aware that when you do this if your property value falls you could have a mortgage amount that is more than the value of your property. You really want to work with a mentor or coach who can offer some experience and guidance. Canada you are using what is referred to as a “high ratio” mortgage. ASIDE: A property is “usually” classified as ‘residential’ if it has up to four living units. So single family homes up to four plexes. Anything greater is usually classified as a commercial property and the mortgage qualifications are very different.