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India, the second most populous country in the world, is home to 1. To put that number into perspective, consider this: the combined populations of Germany, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, and Greece equal one-fourth the population of India alone! Despite lower per-capita purchasing power, this still makes India one of the most attractive emerging markets for ecommerce. But India is far from being a bed of roses. Here are the top 8 challenges that ecommerce businesses face in India. Indian customers return much of the merchandise they purchase online. Ecommerce in India has many first time buyers.

This means that they have not yet made up their mind about what to expect from ecommerce websites. As a result, buyers sometimes fall prey to hard sell. But by the time the product is delivered, they demonstrate remorse and return the goods. Though consumer remorse is a global problem, it is all the more prevalent in a country like India, where much of the growth comes from new buyers. Returns are expensive for ecommerce players, as reverse logistics presents unique challenges. This becomes all the more complex in cross-border ecommerce. Cash on delivery is the preferred payment mode.

Low credit card penetration and low trust in online transactions has led to cash on delivery being the preferred payment option in India. Unlike electronic payments, manual cash collection is laborious, risky, and expensive. Payment gateways have a high failure rate. As if the preference for cash on delivery was not bad enough, Indian payment gateways have an unusually high failure rate by global standards.