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Investment trust Witan is an unusual beast. Unlike rival global funds that are run by individual managers presiding over what companies to buy and sell, it operates more like an orchestra. Though Andrew Bell, a trust expert by profession, is chief executive, his role is not to compile a portfolio of global stocks and hope they come good. It is more to parcel out slices of the trust’s assets to some of the world’s leading investment firms in the hope that collectively they will deliver stellar returns. As conductor, Bell’s role, aided by the trust’s boardroom, is to get the blend of managers – and asset allocation – correct so they make perfect investment music. When parts of the orchestra are not functioning as well as he wants, he gets rid of them, replacing them with new blood.

The investment approach was introduced in 2004 and has rewarded shareholders well, revitalising the trust’s fortunes along the way. Bell has been conducting since 2010. Over the past ten years, the trust has comfortably outperformed its global peers, delivering a return of 156 per cent against an average for its rivals of 105 per cent. It has also beaten returns from the FTSE All-Share Index, the benchmark that investors should judge their investments against.