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2017 With the increase to 2. The latest figures indicate that inflation bounced right back up to 2. Fair Investment have fulfilled a one shop stop in my wants list and have no desire to wander! Our investment section brings you a selection of some of the best investment ideas from the banking and fund industries.

A maximum 8 year investment plan paying a potential annual income of 7. Maximum 10 year structured investment plan paying a potential monthly income of 0. Shares ISA investment and ISA transfer. Income and growth returns are not guaranteed. Alternative collateralised option also available potentially kicking out from year two onwards at 7. Alternative option 1 available returning a potential 7. Alternative collateralised option also available paying a potential 5.

Potential early maturity return of 6. Important Information: Structured deposits offer you the potential to earn higher returns than you would with a regular savings account. Your returns are based on the performance of an index or commodity. The investment plans featured on this site have defined investment terms where the investment objectives and investment risks are clearly outlined in the plan literature available on request. The investment plans we feature can be classified under two categories – deposit plans and investment plans. Deposit Plans Deposit Plans or Structured Deposit Plans offer a return of initial capital and a potential return linked to the performance of an underlying asset such as the FTSE 100.

These plans are cash based and should be seen as an alternative to cash deposits such as fixed rate bonds. Investment plans or structured investment plans are designed to meet the requirements of different investors as either a complement or alternative to traditional direct equity or fund investment. Plans are designed taking into account investment risk versus investment return, protection and timescales. Investors depending on their plans can also gain access to a range of alternative asset classes including world major equity indices, commodities and currencies. Capital at risk plans often offer features to reduce risk exposure to market falls by the use of a barrier.

Variations of the European barrier may include plans where the barrier is based on the value of the underlying asset based on average e. 15,240 per individual, which can be used in full in either a deposit plan or an investment plan, or split between the two. For investors seeking growth investment opportunities on this site we feature a range of different plans that have different features. The investment plans we promote may include kick out investment plans which offer investors a pre-determined rate of return based on the performance of the underlying asset performing sufficiently well at a given series of dates. Income Investments For investors requiring income we regularly offer a range of income investment plan options.

For investors who require capital protection deposit based plans can provide an attractive alternative to fixed rate bonds although income payments will be linked to the performance of an underlying asset so are usually not guaranteed. Investment ISAs Using your ISA allowances should be your first port of call when investing to mitigate any tax resulting from income or capital gains. Most investment plans and investment funds can be placed in an ISA, although always check the terms and conditions. High Interest Savings Accounts If you need short term access to your money, high interest savings accounts provide a way for savers to get a better rate of interest with capital security. Notice savings accounts which require savers to provide notice before withdrawing savings of anything up to 180 days often pay better interest than easy or instant access savings accounts.