Real investment value in a city like Memphis comes from the city itself and the investment partner you choose to work with. Read below to learn why Memphis continues to be a top-tier real estate investing city and how the world-class medical companies to invest in at Memphis Invest can assist you!

These advantages have made Memphis an ideal location for manufacturing and distribution operations. They have resulted in much of Memphis’ business development, making it home to some of America’s top companies. Memphis—A Great Place to Do Business Memphis is home to a growing number of nationally and internationally known corporations, including approximately 150 businesses from 22 countries. Memphis has nine firms in the Fortune1000 and is the home of six Fortune 500 companies. Memphis also continues to grow as a medical and biomedical manufacturing and research center.

Here’s a small list of the medical centers, research hospitals and continued expansion turning Memphis into a major medical hub for the U. Memphis is also known for the world-famous entertainers who started in the “City of Blues. Why Invest in Memphis Real Estate? 99,000 and 722,000 residents, which ranks Memphis as the 18th largest city in the U. The high population and low cost of housing help make Memphis an attractive alternative for real estate investors. Home prices have increased in 2015 while underwater mortgages continue to decline.

The median home price is up 8. Foreclosure actions are also down to pre-2007 levels, which means fewer homes are on the market. Fewer homes, fewer foreclosures and fewer homes underwater are all signs of an improving and appreciating market. Combine these factors with the services and detailed attention of a company like Memphis Invest, real estate investors find a great opportunity to invest in a world-class city with a world-class company! 2018 Memphis Invest, all rights reserved.

Please forward this error screen to 64. Road to ICD-10 ICD-10 is coming. PQRS was not enough, physicians must now undertake one of the biggest healthcare reforms in the US to date- the transition to ICD-10. It is only logical then to look for a partner that will relieve you from managing the revenue stream of your practice. 50,000 per annum while a third party team of billers comes at a fraction of this cost. This page is your guide for selecting the best medical billing company for your practice.

You can choose either of the following to bill on your behalf. That’s one of the reasons why many physicians have signed contracts with their local vendors. However, how do you find out if things are not going well for your practice? With local vendors, many practices are unable to monitor the performance of their billing company as there is no reporting mechanism in place through which practices can look at the aging of their claims. There is no real time financial aging summary, ability to view pending patient responsibility to name a few.

Leaving that aside, these practices must still resort to calling insurances to verify insurance eligibility rather than relying on their billing software to do this task for them. Privacy Concerns – Are you willing to risk sharing your patient’s financials across shores in this environment of ever increasing focus on protection of patient health information and the penalties associated with it? The positives though, these are less costly alternatives. Many of these companies charge you per claim rather than the standard percentage of collections model used across the industry. The third option is the one that I personally prefer.