Many financial issues and challenges metlife investments phone number in each of our lives. We’ll work with you to solve these complex problems. Planning your future is a journey. Huntington’s Disease Society of America, Inc.

Our Unique Process MISSION Our team of wealth management professionals will earn your trust by understanding your unique goals and circumstances. Where are you heading, and how will you get there? As your trusted advisors, we are committed to traveling this road together with you and your family. VISION We are a team of professionals that provides comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services, which become an integrated, satisfying experience for our clients and allow them to feel more secure about their future. This experience results from following our Unique Process, which we call Giving Your Wealth Purpose.

Through our Unique Process, we match our values and our clients’ values and goals through a systematic approach using multiple planning deliverables, tactical asset management, disciplined asset allocation, needs and risk analysis, a systematic review process, and an accessible responsive staff. VALUES Commitment: We are committed to excellence and strive to deliver more than we promise. We have a positive attitude in serving our clients and in doing quality work. We know that serving people is worthy and noble.

Integrity: We are honest and will always do the right thing. Our principles include attention to detail, sound work processes, and taking pride in our work. Our fees are competitive and reflect the value we deliver to our clients. Accountability: We are responsible for the work we deliver. We communicate with clients and other members of our team at all appropriate times. We answer not only to ourselves but also to our co-workers and employers. We understand that we are ultimately accountable to our clients.

We put ourselves in the shoes of another and act accordingly with empathy, understanding, and a desire to serve. Leadership: We lead by example: embracing our work, speaking truth, and demonstrating good character. We have the courage and honor to do the right thing. We speak forthrightly to our clients, even when it may not be what a client wishes to hear. Motivation: We are a for-profit, commercial enterprise and have earned the privilege, trust, and responsibility of serving and advising our clients. Our work can be time-sensitive and important.