A credit union is a cooperative financial institution, which is owned and controlled by the people who use its services. Its primary motive is to help its members with their financial needs. Pentagon Penfed investment property rates Credit Union founded in 1935 is one of the oldest and safest credit unions.

10 billion in assets and over 740,000 members. Once you purchase the Money Market Certificate, the rates will be locked for the term of your certificate. Certificates valid for 6 months would earn interest on a simple interest basis. You have the flexibility of taking the dividends either monthly or at maturity. On purchasing the certificate you can take the advantage of higher yields, federal insurance, automatic renewal, and convenient dividend and maturity. These rates are accurate as on 13-11-07. I wish they had a good cd for jan 08, like the 6 and 6.

25 three year cds they had last jan and sept. Please send me some information, related to CD rates. 00 and I’ll like to know what are the the rates available for that amount at 4 years investment. At this present time, I’m a member of the Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

Please tell me my eligibility to join. I was a teacher years ago. Please let me know about this ASAP. I will need your address and wire info if I want to wire the funds.