Home Personal Finance Real Estate and Housing Why you can’t trust a real estate agent. Why you can’t trust a real estate agent. Surely a real estate agent would want to get you the very best price for your home. The more they sell real estate investment trust definition for, the more they make, right?

Well, the popular book Freakonomics , which I’m reading and devouring right now, proves this is not the case. Now, I’m not saying all real estate agents are doing this, neither are the book’s authors Steven D. But it does cast a huge shadow of doubt over the entire real estate industry. Here’s the game, and how it’s played. It’s all based on incentiveswhat’s in it for you, what’s in it for them.

And it also plays on your fears. Fears that you don’t know how to sell your home, that it will be on the market for years and that, of course, you won’t get the best price. So, you call a real estate agent and use their huge knowledge of the market to sell your home quickly, easily and for the very best possible price. Due to the way commission is structured, it’s not in the real estate agent’s best interests to get you the best price for you home.