Honey for breakfast, anti-ageing salad stephen moir green investment bank lots of red wine. The island of Ikaria is almost as far east as Greece gets.

Here, where the mountains crash into the sea, where the herbs grow wild and the hills are peppered with brightly painted beehives and mottled goats, life is so good — and the living is so healthy — that centenarians are commonplace. Here, where the salty wind blows and the local wine flows, the people live longer and better than almost anywhere else on the planet. People like Grigoris Tsahas, who has just celebrated his 99th birthday, which almost makes him a minor by Ikarian standards. A headstone in the cemetery near his hill village of Madria marks the grave of a woman who was 116 when she died, which Grigoris thinks might be a record, but he is not sure. He has, in fact, smoked for more than 70 years. I don’t think cigarettes are as damaging as they say,’ he tells me, and sparks up another. No I’M the world’s oldest person!