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Now skin in the game brings simplicity—the disarming simplicity of things properly done. People who see complicated solutions do not have an incentive to implement simplified ones. As we saw, a bureaucratized system will increase in complication from the interventionism of people who sell complicated solutions because that’s what their position and training invite them to do. There is absolutely no benefit for someone in such a position to propose something simple: when you are rewarded for perception, not results, you need to show sophistication. One way to determine which is the good business and which is the bad one is to see which one is throwing management bloopers – pleasant, no-brainer decisions – time after time after time. Come easy, go easy: The Tech Takedown!

Lou Brock set the Major League record for stolen bases with the St. Show me a man who’s afraid of appearing foolish and I’ll show you a man you can beat every time. And if you’re getting beat in life, chances are it’s because you’re afraid of appearing foolish. I think the world’s best companies are built by fanatics.