Mutual funds are professionally managed groups of investments that have fees associated with their day-to-day administration and operations of the mutual fund. Td direct investing hours TD e-Series Funds you manage your investments online which could lower your associated costs.

What are the benefits to TD e-Series Funds? Online investing With TD e-Series Funds you buy and receive statements online which lowers the cost to manage the fund – the savings get passed on to you. Lower management fees With MERs as low as 0. No additional costs There are no additional setup or commission fees to buy TD e-Series Funds. It’s easy to build your portfolio with TD e-Series Funds to help you reach your goals. With a broad selection of TD e-Series Funds to choose from, you can build a diversified portfolio that’s right for you. TD e-Series Funds Understanding and Consent: It’s important that you understand the terms and conditions of the TD e-Series Funds Understanding and Consent form.

You can invest now or later: A Mutual Funds Representative with TD Investment Services Inc. If you are not currently a customer, we will require a cheque payable to TD Investment Services Inc. An original signature is required: Your TD e-Series Funds account will be opened after your original, signed application, and TD e-Series Funds Understanding and Consent form are received by TD Investment Services Inc. What happens next: Once we’ve received your completed and signed application forms, your account can be opened, and your first trade processed within two business days.

Want to convert an existing mutual fund account? It is easy to convert your TD Mutual Funds account to a TD e-Series Funds Account. What happens next: As soon as your application has been processed, you will receive confirmation via email. We’ve provided answers to some of the most common questions people have about mutual funds.

How do I begin investing in mutual funds? The Six Steps to Building a Financial Plan is an effective way to get started on the road toward financial peace of mind. Once you have a better idea of where you are now and where you want to be in the future, we recommend that you work with a Mutual Funds Representative to ensure that the investments you choose provide the potential for growth, while at the same time keep your investment risk at a comfortable level. The TD Mutual Funds Customer Investor Profile questionnaire helps you determine an asset mix that’s right for you. With the help of a Mutual Funds Representative, you can then invest in a TD Comfort Portfolio.

You’ll benefit from a diversified portfolio that reflects your personal investment needs and objectives. The cut-off time for online Mutual Funds transactions is 3p. Any transaction after this time will be processed as of the next valuation day. Or simply visit any TD Canada Trust branch, where a Mutual Funds Representative with TD Investment Services Inc. Since mutual funds qualify as securities and not deposits, they are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. However, fund managers and the funds themselves operate under strict securities regulations.

Securities legislation also requires that mutual fund assets be held in trust by a custodian on behalf of unitholders. What types of funds are available? You can choose funds that invest in money market investments such as government issued treasury bills, income investments such as bonds, or equity investments such as stocks of corporations, both domestic and international. Some funds are broadly diversified, while others target an asset class or a specific sector of the economy, such as international bonds or science and technology stocks. While there are hundreds of choices, each mutual fund will fall into one of the three main asset classes: safety, income or growth.