In situations like this, you leave the appointment with little to no valuable information, no follow up direction, and what feels like a waste of your valuable time. Not all initial meetings go well, but did you know that the train wreck of a first appointment could have been prevented with better pre-planning on your thornburg investment management linkedin? The frustration that comes from encounters like this are sometimes misdirected at the person being met with.

Decision makers come in a variety of personality types. Label them as you will, but generally, you encounter the direct and assertive, the friendly and jovial, or the defensive and combative – and maybe even someone who’s a little of everything above. Regardless, it’s not their personality that makes a sales appointment good or bad. Preparing yourself and your prospect is a best practice. One of the most powerful free tools you can use to do this is Google search. There are a few ways you can search to find really valuable information you can use to help prepare for your meeting.

Building rapport helps increase the comfort level a prospect has when meeting with you for the first time, and rapport building can begin before you even get the meeting. If you use a valid business reason that illustrates empathy, your expertise, and your ability to provide solutions, you are more likely to get an appointment. It also begins to establish your ability to be a valuable business partner. So, now we turn back to preparing for the meeting. It’s critical you don’t ask your prospect questions you could have found the answer to online before the sales appointment. Focus on taking the information you find online to help form questions that show you’ve done your homework and can relate back to their potential desired business results.

Sales leaders are responsible for more than closing deals. Teams depend on them to see the big picture, measure current strategies, and evaluate new opportunities. Sales diagnostics help leaders see their operations from all sides so they can identify bottlenecks and keep revenue climbing. We collaborate with our clients and communities every day. Whatever the development project, we never run into exactly the same challenge.

We are forced to be creative and find unique answers in all aspects of our company. Having the disciplines of real estate, development, and construction working together, promotes stronger integration and a clear path for learning from our colleagues. Building single and multi-tenant, grocery stores, and shopping centers across the nation. Understanding your vision is at the core of our business. HUTTON’s collaborative disciplines are an inspiration for creating environments that facilitate success for our clients. Our team of highly skilled development professionals handle all aspects of the development process, ensuring a successful handoff to our construction team. Our development team handles entitlements, architectural and site design procurement and oversight, geotechnical report analyses, title and survey reviews, and environmental remediation.

We have assembled a passionate and experienced team of real estate professionals that serves our clients by providing industry leading market research, feasibility studies, site selection, and land contract negotiations. We add value to our clients by delivering the best sites at the best price. HUTTON has an impressive record of build-to-suit developments throughout the United States building over 80 projects annually. KJH Property Management is a full service asset and property management with expertise in day to day operations and maintenance of retail real estate, encompassing single-tenant buildings, multi-tenant properties and shopping centers in over 37 states. This is no place to dream small. Hutton, with a rich history in commercial leasing and deep roots in development, founded her own company in 1994 with a focus on cultivating lasting client relationships and providing the highest level of service. Hutton, which translates into more than 202 owned and managed developments with more than 990 developments delivered.

Karen as she is involved with day-to-day operations. Communication and mutual respect have inspired long term, collaborative partnerships between our clients, employees, investors and communities nationwide. HUTTON, in collaboration with Hutton Construction Inc. 981 projects in 37 states and counting. HUTTON’s expertise in delivering service, efficiency and value is exceptional.