Theme Park Suppliers, bookmark this site. Theme Park Operators, bookmark this universal investment group dubai. Heard they are holding back Diagon Alley for the second park, which will begin construction shortly after this park opens.

Yesterday Universal Beijing submitted construction tenders to build “12 amusement facilities” at the theme park. These tenders include construction on the main structure, building decoration, roofing, building water supply and drainage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical, and elevators. More general construction news from the overall project. The re-routing of the rivers and the creation of a new riverside park will act as a tourist zone around the theme park as well as providing the water features inside the park. The red dotted area is Universal Studios as far as I can make out from the map and descriptions.

The landscape improvement project is expected to reach the completion acceptance condition in September, which will not only increase Xiaohe River’s flood control standards, provide flood protection security for Universal Studios, but also provide a new landscape for the public to enjoy water and leisure. There has been some backlash from the villagers who were relocated from the area in 2013 and are yet to have their new houses completed. These relocated villages will sit around the perimeter of the new park. Those villages were meant to be completed by 2015 and whilst some have been, many are still living in temporary accomocation. At present, the land required for the Universal Studios theme park project has been demolished and retired. The surrounding area has been enclosed by a wall.

A part of the land is under construction and most of the land is covered with green gauze. According to the official from Liyuan Town mentioned above, Sunzhuang Village in Liyuan Town also adopted a village collective self-built resettlement housing. It was also built and was stopped. It seems that Zhangjiawan Town also has a village villager who has not moved back and resettled, and most of them have completed resettlement by the end of 2015. Accompanied by the president of Beijing Construction Engineering Grp.

Progress continues on Universal Beijing as earlier this week, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industrial and Commercial Administration officially issued a business license to “Universal Beijing Resort Limited. No details, but seems not big issue since the news says project runs smoothly. What problem is he trying to solve? Theme Park Suppliers, bookmark this site.